Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Okah: South African investigators set to visit Nigeria

The Nation
9 October 2011

As part of preparation for a water-tight trial in South Africa of the leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, Henry Okah for terrorism, a team of investigators from that country is due in Nigeria soon to collate more evidence against the accused. While here the South Africans will interact with their Nigerian counterparts on Okah and his group.

The State Security Service (SSS) is said to have uncovered the masterminds of last year’s independence day bomb blast in Abuja.

A Johannesburg High Court had in August fixed the trial of Okah for January 2012.

It was learnt that South Africa was encouraged by the recent breakthrough recorded by the SSS in uncovering the masterminds of the blast, including a banker.

A top source, who spoke in confidence, said: "South Africa is tidying up for the trial of Okah and his accomplices . Some crack investigators are likely to visit Nigeria any moment from now for data update and latest on the investigations by the SSS.

"The recent uncovering of most of the masterminds of the October 1 blast has enhanced prosecution process of Okah by the South African government.

"The investigators are coming to fill a few gaps in their findings. There is no place to hide for the MEND leader.

"Although the SSS is yet to fully brief the nation on the masterminds, the report of its investigation is assisting exchange of intelligence by international security agencies, including South African agencies.

"They are likely to adopt the SSS report on the blast for the trial of Okah. The same South African investigators have also got some dossiers on Okah from Angola."

It could not be determined how long the investigators will stay in Nigeria but a source said: "We are expecting them for collaboration."

Okah is facing a five-count charge bordering on terrorism against the state.

While the prosecution is contemplating 55 witnesses, Okah is said to have lined up about 103

The charges are as follows:

Engaging in terrorist activity.

Conspiracy to engage in terrorist activities.

Conspiracy to deliver, place and-or detonate an explosive device;

Causing death and serious bodily injury.

Attempt to cause harm to an internationally protected person

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