Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Govt strategises against terrorism, as pressure mounts on Nigeria

24 October 2011

ALMOST three months after the July 26, 2011 terror attack on the United Nations (UN) House in Abuja, where 24 people died, the international community is still using the incident and other bombing cases to gauge the security situation in Nigeria.

At various talks with President Goodluck Jonathan, some world leaders have allegedly made security challenges arising from the activities of the Boko Haram sect the major issue. They were said to have charged the Nigerian leader to sustain the country’s democracy to prevent it from “becoming another Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq.”

The President, however, seem not to be helpless over the situation as The Guardian learnt that after wide consultations with the security agencies and the leadership of the National Assembly, a consensus was reached among key government officials to vote more funds for the defence and security agencies for a mass offensive against the terror gang (Boko Haram) and other criminal groups.

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