Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why police are jittery over Tishau –DIA

26 September 2011

The cold war between the police and the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), over the release of self-confessed Boko Haram kingpin, Ali Tishau, deepened at the weekend with the DIA claiming that the police authorities released him because they were jittery over his disclosures.

A top security source in Abuja told Daily Sun on the condition of anonymity that the failure of the police to act on the information volunteered by Tishau was a miscalculation which was still hunting the hierarchy of the force.

Although the source faulted Tishau’s claim that he co-founded the dreaded Islamist sect he said there was no doubt Tishau had very useful information that could help the police in containing the group’s insurgency.

“All the police are doing is an attempt to free themselves of culpability by saying that we released him. That is a lie. It is patent lie. This man is a freelance, he is just like any member of the public who wanted to give useful information to the police,” he said.

On why the police have failed to tell the public all they know about the man and how they got to know him and kept him in custody, the source alleged that the police refused to cooperate with the DIA until an order came compelling them to release Tishau to the DIA

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