Friday, September 9, 2011

UN evacuates special team from hotel over bomb scare

7 September 2011

CCTV captures bomber of Abuja office

SSS arrests suspected Ibo, five other Boko Haram members

Finds bomb factory in Niger

Nigeria loses world body’s third quarter funds

THE authorities of the United Nations (UN) in Nigeria are not ready to be beaten again by suicide bombers as it promptly evacuated its essential service team from a hotel allegedly listed as the next target by terrorists.

Following the August 26, 2011 terror attack on its Abuja office, where 23 officials and non-workers, the UN assembled an essential service team, which temporarily operates from a hotel in Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). But from Monday, speculations have been rife that the hotel has been targeted for attack by a terror group.

Consequently, the UN hierarchy in Nigeria ordered the team to immediately leave the highbrow hotel.

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