Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thumbs up for Mr. President

The Nation
19 September 2011

Niger Delta leaders region appeared to have endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision to sack the board and management team of the NDDC.

Senator James Manager, who was chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta, said: “The members of that board also knew that they were going to be dissolved because there was internal wrangling and mistrust. The distrust was right from the very beginning of that board. Unfortunately for this erstwhile board, people didn’t allow peace and unity to reign. Several times, attempts were made when I was chairman to resolve whatever they saw as their problem and it all proved abortive.

“A very clear example is the case of the 2011 Budget. As chairman of the committee then, I warned in 2009 and 2010 that the budget is supposed to come few months to the end of the year preceding the proposed budget year, but you would see that as a result of the confusion in that board that the budget which is supposed to have come up in September 2010 is yet to come and this is September 2011, we are supposed to be expecting the budget for 2012. And that is one clear example of a people who were terribly disorganised.”

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