Sunday, September 11, 2011

State creation as panacea for Niger-Delta

8 September 2011

One of the social problems which the Federal Government of Nigeria has been saddled with since the past one decade is the widespread resentment among the people of the Niger-Delta area which harbours the oil and gas that sustain her economy .

The consequence of this resentment includes the upsurge in the vandalization of oil pipelines by unemployed, yet educated youth as a result of the absence of motorable roads, educational institutions, pipe-borne water, healthcare facilities and electrical supply.

Before now, the people of Niger-Delta had complained about their relative deprivation in a peaceful manner, but these complaints fell on deaf ears, until the complaints generated into protest and violence.

The Federal Government appears to have legitimized or justified the activities of the militant youths in the Niger –Delta through the proclamation of amnesty for them.

The international community was not left out; their media had consistently lent credence to the claim of human rights abuses in the Niger-Delta, and that is why the Federal Government has been globally commended for the amnesty programme aimed at rehabilitating the angry youths and reducing poverty.

Despite all efforts by the present administration to tackle the problem of Niger-Delta, the region is still in confusion and largely undeveloped. It seems to me that something is missing. The number of states in Niger Delta, out of 36, is grossly inadequate and may explain why all the resources invested in the area can hardly be appreciated

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