Friday, September 9, 2011

Jos - Sitting On a Time -Bomb

Daily Trust
4 September 2011

Jos — Since 2001, Jos has not known peace. Last Monday's mayhem that led to sad Eid-el-Fitr has violated hopes that an end to bloodshed on the Plateau were insight.

Since last Monday, when Jos, the capital of Plateau State, erupted again in violence, no fewer than 50 persons have been feared killed both directly as a result of the attack on the Rukuba Road Mosque, and due to subsequent acts of violence in other parts of the town.

As many grieve over the death of loved ones and loss of property worth millions of naira, it appears the recent crisis may be just another datum on the statistics of the number of casualties in the incessant Jos crises, as almost a week. After, there has been no fresh resolve or action to find a lasting solution to the problem. The approach has remained the usual recited platitudes by both the government and individuals with no concrete action in place.

But many agree that there were clear indications that Jos could erupt any day due to the unattended issues concerning past crises.

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