Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Imperatives Of Supplying Police With Information

Nigerian Observer
17 September 2011

Of recent, criminals have been giving Edo State worrisome day times and sleepless nights. Imagine between 28th August 2011 and 4th September, 2011 citizens of the state saw hell. First of all, a prominent Benin businessmen Elder Tes. Soare was kidnapped. During the heinous act his driver, two mobile policemen details and his wife were killed by the kidnappers.

Eight days afterwards, a Benin ace musician. Bayo Ade, was abducted by kidnappers. His corpse was found along Ewah road; after a ransom of N500,000 had been paid, from the spot where he was kidnapped in Benin City.

While tears were yet to dry on the faces of crying Edo people over Bayo Ade’s death, news came that Prof. Julius Obahayugie, provost of College of Agriculture, Uguoriakhi had been abducted at Ewohimi on 4th September, 2011. During all these hectic period for Edo people, we were informed by the Edo Police Commissioner David Omojola that another policeman was killed during an encounter with underworld men. In other words, within eight days in Edo State three persons were kidnapped out of which one was killed. Two people died, one was seriously wounded while three policemen lost their lives. Of course, this is the worst criminal period in Edo recent history.

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