Thursday, September 8, 2011

Group canvasses increased budgetary allocation to social sectors in Bayelsa

African Examiner
8 September 2011

Ahead of the 2012 budget, the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria
have reiterated the need for member of the group to network and advocate for
increased budgetary allocation to social sectors, especially education and
health in Bayelsa State.

Bayelsa State currently receives a lot of resources from the Federation Account
in line with the 13 percent derivation principle in the constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria. The state accounts for the highest per capital budget
allocation in Nigeria (the total allocation divided by the population of the state).
The recurrent expenditures in Bayelsa accounted for 40 percent to 49 percent 
of the total budget expenditure between 2007-2010.

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