Sunday, September 4, 2011

Breaking News: Nigeria government Arrested and freed UN bomb suspect
1 September 2011


Bumbling Nigeria Security Service had previously arrested one of the men suspected of masterminding last Fridays suicide bombing of United Nations building in Abuja, but released and set him free because they don't want to offend Nigerian Muslims, has learnt. Nigeria Security Operatives detained and released several radical Muslims suspected of being terrorists in 2007 — including a man who officials now say
 helped organize last week's deadly car bombing at the United Nations headquarters in the nation's capital, a high-ranking official told The Associated Press.
The men arrested four years ago had allegedly been caught with explosives. Their rapid release from detention was apparently aimed at placating Muslim groups, but it has now come back to haunt security officials who fear a growing wave of al-Qaida-linked terror attacks in Nigeria, a main supplier of oil to the United States.
According to Associated Press, some of those arrested in October 2007 were even plotting to carry out attacks in the United States and to attack American targets here, in Africa's most populous country, said the official, who claimed direct knowledge of the arrests. He spoke to AP on condition of anonymity due to the political sensitivity of the case and because he is not authorized to discuss the matter with journalists.
Friday's car bombing killed 23 people and wounded more than 80. Boko Haram, which aims to impose a strict version of Islamic law in Nigeria, claimed responsibility for the attack. learnt their spokesman Abul Qaqa said a 27-year-old Nigerian named Mohammed Abul Barra drove the explosives-packed Honda Accord into the U.N. building

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