Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beyond The Facts …Addressing Northern Elders Hypocrisy

26 September 2011

Two-faced, spurious ,insincere, deceiving,false, pretentious and dissembling are all words that mean the state of being holier than one truly is. Hypocritical, sums it up. So, any one with these attributes can hardly be depended upon as an ally in any battle or project demanding integrity.

For, to venture such, would mean to embark on a perilous voyage which end  can be anything but successful.

Sadly, some Northern leaders that Nigeria today counts to enlist in the war against terror; intended to replace fear with hope, division with unity, hatred with love and more than everything else, mutual sacrifice towards same plausible ends, have now been described in one disappointing word, by one of their own – hypocrites.

Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum, and Governor of Niger State, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu last Saturday practically challenged Northern regional leaders to, not merely exhibit pretentious concern over the danger, Boko Haram portends to the Nigerian – state but enlist fully in confronting the national enemy. Addressing a meeting of the Northern Traditional Rulers Council, held in Kaduna, Governor Aliyu berated the region’s leadership for dragging its feet on the threat that the terrorist Islamic sect has become, not only to the country but indeed the Northern parts.

“We cannot drag our feet any longer. We can’t continue to double-speak in our handling of the issues, saying one thing in the open and acting differently in private. We must categorically say no to the recurring wave of bombing, terrorism and crime in our communities”, Aliyu said- quoting media reports
The Tide News

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