Thursday, August 4, 2011

Uduaghan Debunks Sahara Reporters Report As "Ignorant Lies"
4 August 2011

Tony Eluemunor.

Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan of Delta State today described an online report by Sahara Reporters as ignorant Lies by mischief makers.

“Once again, Sahara reporters which prides itself as Nigeria’s version of Wikileaks has aptly demonstrated its limitless capacity for mischief, amazing ignorance and unbridled determination to deny Nigeria and Nigerians their finest moment following the globally acclaimed transparent and fair elections held under the new leadership of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
While the famous Wikileaks publishes diplomatic dispatches unedited and devoid of any interpretation for the mainstream media to investigate, Saharareporters threw all the sacred ethics of journalism to the winds and embarked on mischievous interpretation of official documents and transactions they lacked the capacity to comprehend.

In its August 4, 2011 posting, Saharareporters alleged that Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, governor of Delta State, “paid Obasanjo and Tribunal judges over N3 billion” to buy a favourable verdict on the election re-run of January 11, 2011.
We are sure that Saharareporters and their sponsor(s) knew that they were wildly trading in fiction and lurid negative inventions in making that unsubstantiated allegation. Just the same way the general public can also hazard a guess to who their sponsors are. But interestingly, we are sure they know that there was no atom of truth in the allegation although it works to harness their desperate and well-exploited tactics of trading lies to besmear the Uduaghan government for their self-serving interest .

Anyway, here are the facts for the unsuspecting reading public:

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