Thursday, August 25, 2011

The trouble with power projects, by Senator Goje


Sunday Trust
21 August 2011

Senator Muhammed Danjuma Goje, the immediate-past Governor of Gombe state, one time Minister of Power and Steel and member of the Presidential Steering Council, which metamorphosed into the board of the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited, a special purpose vehicle for the execution of the  National Integrated Power Project (NIPP), believes that despite scepticism in some quarters, the NIPP project will eventually add significant electricity input into the national grid.

As someone that has been involved in the NIPP project, what is your sincere view on the workability of the project?
The NIPP is a tripartite programme which came on board as a result of shortage of electricity and the need to urgently do something about it during the administration of former President Obasanjo. This tripartite arrangement was among the three tiers of government, that is the federal government, the state governments and the local councils in the country.

It is a special project designed to bring reasonable quantity of power to the system. That is why it is mainly gas-based.

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