Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Tragic Bombing And Its Politics

Daily Trust
30 August 2011

"The South South Peoples Assembly (SSPA) does not believe that the Boko Haram, of today, is the offshoot of the one crushed by the Yar'adua administration.

Rather, we are convinced that the name has become a metaphor for a more sophisticated struggle for political power. We dare say that it is a tool in the hands of those who threatened to make this country ungovernable and those who lectured us on the inevitability of violent change in the heat of the struggle for the Jonathan presidency...The SSPA, and indeed all well meaning Nigerians, most of who voted Goodluck Jonathan, will not stand by and allow a small group of power merchants and economic parasites to hold this country to ransom. We shall continue to give President Jonathan all the support he requires to confront this unprovoked challenge."

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