Friday, August 5, 2011

Mr President, This Air Still isn't Fresh Yet!

Daily Independent (Lagos)
4 August 2011

Maikudi Abubakar Zukogi


President Goodluck Ebele (Azikiwe) Jonathan truly represents a breath of fresh air, at least politically, in Nigeria. In a country where the power equation is said to be held by the three major tribes, getting GEJ, a minority from the Niger Delta, into the once allegedly impenetrable fortress of power truly translates into the President's campaign slogan: a breath of fresh air.

Therefore, as far as Nigerians are concern, the President has breathed some fresh air. He has been able to penetrate the fortress of power, hitherto undreamt of by especially a south-south minority. How he was able to do it; whether he did it all by himself or was catapulted there by some benevolent spirit, is immaterial now. The point is that he is there, and he has been there now for three months; a time that is enough to sieve the grain from the chaff, cook the food, feed the hungry and wait to see them come back to life. The truth is that Nigerians are terribly hungry; they are as hungry for food as they are for change.

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