Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jos - 12 Killed in Eid Ground Clash

Daily Trust
30 August 2011

Jos — An early morning prayer procession by members of a Muslim sect, the Jama'atul Izalatul Bid'ah Wa Ikamatus Sunnah (JIBWIS) on their way to their mosque for the Eid prayers resulted in violence in Jos yesterday, with at least ten people killed and many others injured, including JIBWIS' deputy national president Sheikh Saidu Hassan Jingir.

The sect members were observing the Eid el-Fitr a day ahead of most other Nigerian Muslims, and they were on their way for the prayers at their mosque along
Rukuba Road
when they discovered that the road to the mosque had been blocked.

Spirited attempts by security men on the route to discourage members of the sect from advancing further met with protests from them, and youths resident around the area also came out in their hundreds asking the sect members to beat a retreat. Soon enough, heavy stones started landing in the direction of the sect members. A fight soon erupted and shots rang out from all directions as security men tried to disperse the crowds.

The misunderstanding which started at Rukuba Road later spread to other areas like Gada-Biu, Kabong, Farin Gada, Chobe, Agwan Rukuba and other areas. Pandemonium broke out in the whole of Jos as people scampered for safety. Businesses started closing their premises and many people raced back to their houses. In time, major roads in Jos such as
Ahmadu Bello Way
Rwang Pam Street
and others were deserted.

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