Monday, August 29, 2011

Forgery - Court Dismisses Case Against Imo Deputy Governor

28 August 2011

Forgery - Court Dismisses Case Against Imo Deputy Governor

New York Judge has dismissed the 17-count criminal possession of forged instruments case filed in December 1994, against the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Jude Agbaso.

Judge David Sullivan of the Nassau County Court granted the dismissal following a plea request made by the prosecutor, the Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, Brian Lee and the defence counsel, Mrs Laura Chukwuma.

The judge, in an order dated Aug. 24, also vacated the arrest warrants issued against Agbaso, 53, in connection with the case.

Agbaso, then a resident of New York, was arrested on June 20, 1994 on a first-degree 17-count indictment for possession of forged 100 dollar bills, a felony.

An arrest warrant was later issued for him after he reportedly jumped bail in the case which also involved one Eugene Harding.

In granting the plea agreement by the prosecutor and the defence, Judge Sullivan granted Agbaso's plea on a one-count of a non-criminal violation charge of disorderly conduct under section 240.20(2).

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