Saturday, August 27, 2011

East-West Road, NDDC and other issues

28 August 2011

No minister or Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs is mentioned throughout the NDDC Act. In their wisdom, the framers of the NDDC (Establishment etc.) Act 2000 did not make provisions for ministerial oversight functions or supervision that will slow down the pace of sustainable development through excessive bureaucracy and primordial interests.

However, perhaps, one of the most intriguing part of the unfolding NDDC saga is not that the commission is being accused of poor-performance, non-performance or gross dereliction of duty, but that it is autonomous of a kindred government agency which is desirous of annexing it (complete with its portfolio of achievements) to bolster its own uninspiring Performance Index.

The other is woven around the fact of the Managing Director/CEO’s insistence on diligence, best corporate practices and accountability in the conduct of NDDC’s affairs as opposed to the entrenched “business-as-usual” culture that pre-dated his coming to the commission. These and other extraneous issues have tended to distract the NDDC from its assigned roles. These are also what should attract the Presidency’s critical focus in its bid to re-focus and re-engineer the NDDC for optimal performance

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