Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A worrying silence

22 July 2011

Take heed!
LAST week, I  accused President Jonathan and Elder Godsday Orubebe, his Niger Delta Minister (whom I described as “a reappointed disappointment), of not doing enough for the still-neglected region they come from…and of pampering ex-militant leaders while ordinary Niger Deltans continue to suffer.

The above observations attracted a barrage of emails and texts. A  handful of  correspondents disagreed with me, but most shared my views. Some, like this Yoruba businessman who requested anonymity, are even angrier than I am:

Anytime I take a trip to the creeks, I usually weep for  these neglected nice people. Most of their requests are surprisingly meagre and harmless. All they ask is “don’t pollute our rivers so we can obtain our livelihood, fishing”.
Sadly, their big brothers in government have to bribe touts at the expense of true regional development. Uneducated rogues are now driving jeeps in Warri, Yenegoa,etc. Wannabee big boys whose acquisition of  wealth represents further oppression of their impoverished people. Shame.

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