Saturday, July 2, 2011

What it Cost to Run the Nigerian Government - El-Rufai

Note: This article, in light of the ex-Minister's (and author's) arrest, is worth a read.

This Day
1 July 2011

This year, every Nigerian - all 162 million of us - man, woman and child will "pay" the sum of N27, 685:00 each to help run the Federal Government.
What we cannot afford, government will borrow on our behalf to pay for its activities. That is why the Federal Government, on behalf of you and I will spend the sum of N4.485 trillion (over N4, 000 billion) in 2011.
This is against the backdrop that our entire oil earnings for the year cannot pay the generous salaries and allowances of politicians on the one hand, and the meagre pay cheques of other public sector workers on the other, while infrastructure and unemployment are barely getting attention.

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