Monday, July 25, 2011

The Secret Powers Behind Boko Haram
19 July 2011

Written by Abdulrazaq Oyevbanji Hamzat    

....On this day, 16th of July, 2011, I declare to Nigerians that in my opinion, The Boko Haram Sect is not in any way fighting any religious battle. Their fight is political in its totality which hides under religious struggle through its name and part of its message in order to garner support from the northern public. They also hide under reported reaction to injustice and corruption, in order to get sympathy from across Nigeria.
Their real aim in my opinion is to prove a point and show strength in the use of weapon before Nigerians.

I strongly believe that this Sect was resurrected by some powerful corrupt politicians in the north after the Government had conquered them. Before the conquest which led to the death of their ex leader, I believe they were strictly a religious Sect. But when their leaders alongside some members were killed, they went down and died a natural death.

But some powerful Corrupt Politicians in the north used the opportunity to intrude, brainwashed and gave them massive financial support to resume, but this time with another agenda.

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