Monday, July 25, 2011

Norma’s Letter from Jos: 21 July 2011

Norma’s Letter from Jos
21 July 2011

Hello customers,
It has been another good week for us on the farm. The weather has been mostly sunny, with enough rain to keep our crops growing well. Unfortunately the situation in and around Jos is not as sunny as the weather. There have been several incidents in the past few weeks to indicate that the situation here is not as peaceful as it sometimes seems to be on the surface. There was a fight last week between some local youth and Fulani herdsmen very close to our farm, in which one of our former farm workers was attacked and injured, although fortunately not seriously. I gather that the problem was a matter of cattle entering some farms and eating the crops. Eventually the local chief asked the herdsmen to leave the area. The other day there was some trouble in Jos town when two groups of youth fought each other, supposedly to revenge the kidnapping and killing of some achaba riders in one area of the town. The army intervened, and things are now quiet. But it is obvious that the tensions of the last crisis have not completely abated, and we can only hope they don't erupt again.
We will have nice stuff for you for next week...

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