Friday, July 15, 2011

Nigeria: Mr. President, No, No, No!

15 July 2011

WHAT determines where President Goodluck Jonathan is found? Who decides who the President of the biggest black nation on earth meets? What considerations seal decisions on the President's public conduct? We are concerned and we want to state our abhorrence to the continuous diminishing of the Presidency by the people the President meets and the miniscule circumstances of those engagements.

Our President should be too busy to be meeting all sorts of business people, especially in public. What is the motivation? Why does he have to hold those meetings? What do they do for Nigerians? Have we admittedly started running a government of influence peddlers?

It is unacceptable for the President and the Vice President to receive business people and for them to have the pictures of those events splashed on the pages of newspapers. Do they understand the implications?

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