Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Jonathan Project: Transformation in Progress: Strides in the Power Sector

Press Release: The Jonathan Project
31 July 2011

By George Kerley
It is wrong to see every move by government as being in bad light. Nigerians cannot but agree that the push for tenure elongation is not final and represents the thoughts of some of those who believe that the quest for a second term by political leaders has cost Nigerians a lot and most of these leaders could go to any length to seek a second term.

However, if Nigerians say they do not want it, then it will not fly. While the politicians are doing what they know best, the technocrats and rain-makers in goverment are also working.
We should therefore not allow ourselves to be distracted and forget to see that transformation is clearly in progress.
There are many other things happening in the country and the President is working. President Jonathan is also committed to winning great strides in the power sector.
The 450MW power plant in Sapele being built by Marubeni Intl started test running last week and will be commissioned in about 6 wks.
The 1074MW Alaoji Plant being built by Rockson Engineering will start test running by first week of December and will be commissioned b/w Dec & January.
By next year, Marubeni's plants in Calabar (400MW) & Benin (about 500MW) will be commissioned.
Also next year, Rockson Engineering's 450MW plant at Gbarain-Ubie and the 252MW plant in Omoku will come onstream.
So hopefully by the end of next year, we will have about 3000MW added to the current 4000MW on ground.
Also, with the proposed new plants at Mambilla, Egbema Phase (Ph) 2, Okpai, Gbarain ph 2, , Alaoji Ph2, Afam ph2, 3 & 4, Sapele ph2 & Calabar ph2, Nigeria will have more than 10,000MW of electricity by 2015.
Added to that, there are independent power plants being built by the governments of Rivers & Akwa Ibom States as well as those being built by Shell, Chevron & Total which will all help to boost power generation to about 30,000MW before 2020 (9 years from now).
Folks, we need to have faith in our country on those that the Almighty God have charged with looking over us. That way, we can then be able to inspire and provoke them to do more for Nigeria and Nigerians.

God bless Nigeria
The Jonathan Project

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