Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tompolo, Ateke Tom, should undergo training too – Ambakederimo

Note: From my recent conversations in Abuja with indigenes of the Niger Delta, the sentiments expressed by in this interview are widely shared.  Worth a read. DL

25 June 2011

Emma Amaize,
National chairman of the South-South Elements Progressive Union, SSEPU,  Joseph Ambakederimo in this interview with Saturday Vanguard reviewed the expectations of the people of the Niger-Delta since President Goodluck Jonathan took over from his former boss, the late Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua and concluded that nothing significant had happened in terms of development.

He also lashed out at  Niger-Delta leaders who have abandoned the region for Abuja since Jonathan became President. Excerpt:

What in your opinion is happening in Niger-Delta in terms of transformation under President Jonathan?

From my observation so far, There is nothing significant in terms of development that has taken place in the entire Niger Delta in the last six years even since the proclamation of the amnesty programme or even the creation of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs. One major reason adduced for this is the lack of policy direction and a blue print for the development of the region.

The immediate former Minister of Ministry of Niger-Delta,  if you asked me,  performed ‘dismally’.  Godsday Orubebe became over- whelmed by the issues affecting the region and  didn’t know where to start from. As I speak,  the only visible project that is ongoing in the Niger Delta is the East-West road (Warri-Port Harcourt ) that that has been on for the past six years with no clear cut date of completion....

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