Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shell Halts Production In Niger Delta

16 June 2011

Royal Dutch Shell Plc has issued production warning that it can’t meet forecast production in Nigeria after sabotage on a main pipeline in the country’s southern delta.

A Shell spokesman said in a statement yesterday that the company’s Nigerian subsidiary has declared “force majeure” on its Bonny Light crude shipment for June and July, a  term  used when it is impossible for an oil company to cover the promised supply from the field.

An investigation found that the damage to the Trans Niger pipeline was caused by hacksaw cuts, suggesting black-market thieves tapped into the lines. The pipeline is a major conduit through Nigeria’s oil-rich region of swamps, mangroves and creeks almost the size of South Carolina. Nigeria is a top supplier of crude to the U.S.

Meanwhile, two oil workers, Tom Akhidame and Solomon Enamejewa have been kidnapped in Warri, Delta State, by gun-wielding youths in two separate incidents.

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