Sunday, June 19, 2011

Re-branding Nigeria with Dame Jonathan

19 June 2011

In Periscope ..

THE world will be converging on the Niger-Delta, Nigeria  annually just like attention is focused on Norway during the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies if the  plan by the Human Rights Network International, HURNETI, a  non governmental organization, NGO, based in Nigeria, to establish a multi-purpose world women international centre,  ‘Dame Patience Jonathan International Centre for Women Resource and Coordination’, named after Dame Patience Jonathan, wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, comes to fulfillment.
It is the biggest and boldest independent comprehensive initiative and undertaking in the world to create a platform that will specifically inscribe a special identity for women universally and, for the Niger-Delta, the group also wants to reconstruct the region from its chilling image of militancy through the writing implement. In fact, for many months running,  HURNETI commissioned its women research division to gather researchers and thinkers to brainstorm on how the pen can be used to silence the guns in the Niger-Delta through women activism.

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