Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Post-election Nigeria] Macro economic challenges ahead

Business Day (FT, 1 June)
13 June 2011

By Bismarck Rewane, Managing director of Financial Derivatives Company

As the losers lick their wounds and winners share the spoils, Nigerians are waiting in nervous anticipation for the impact of the 2011 elections on the economy and quality of their lives.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s new administration has an opportunity to implement an economic reform agenda that will be transformational in overhauling the structure of the Nigerian economy whilst positioning it for accelerated and sustainable growth.
The international and domestic media is full of talk of of Nigeria becoming the next African country to join BRICS, the most important frontier market and the new Eldorado. Whilst I share these optimistic views and possible outcomes, I also have concerns that some of the challenges that confront resource-endowed nations at economic crossroads are being down played if not totally overlooked.

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