Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jumbo pay: Lawmakers to earn N338.6 billion

Sun news
3 June 2011

A Daily Sun special report on the irrestible pay package that makes the National Assembly so attractive that politicians are ready to kill for a seat there.
Friday, June 03, 2011

Those bickering over the jumbo pay of outgoing federal lawmakers may have to wait for the real shocker: The 469 incoming lawmakers will earn N338.6 billion in the next four years, investigations have revealed. For, Daily Sun can authoritatively report, it will cost the country at least three hundred and thirty-eight billion, six hundred and forty-five million eight hundred and forty-five thousand, five hundred and ten naira N338,645,845,510bn in taxpayers’ money to keep the 469 members of the incoming seventh National Assembly in office for the next four years.

The amount which covers salaries and sundry allowances to be earned by the lawmakers does not, however, factor in the deferential pays and other perquisites that go to the principal officers of the two chambers of the federal legislature. It does not also include expenses incurred on duty tours and estacode. It is also silent on the unverifiable lump sums that come from ‘oversight functions’ and ‘lobbying’.

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