Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Failed States Index 2011

Failed State Ranking:
1. Somalia 2. Chad 3. Sudan 4. Zimbabwe 5. DRC 6. Afghanistan 7. Iraq 8. Central African Republic 9. Guinea 10. Pakistan 11. Haiti 12. CIV 13. Kenya 14. Nigeria 15. Yemen 26. Cameroun

The new edition of the index draws on some 130,000 publicly available sources to analyze 177 countries and rate them on 12 indicators of pressure on the state during the year 2010 -- from refugee flows to poverty, public services to security threats. Taken together, a country's performance on this battery of indicators tells us how stable -- or unstable -- it is. And the latest results show how much the 2008 economic crisis and its ripple effects everywhere, from collapsing trade to soaring food prices to stagnant investment, are still haunting the world.

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