Saturday, June 11, 2011

EFCC And Former Governors

Daily Champion
10 June 2011

EFCC And Former Governors

Sometime last April, after the governorship elections, the nation's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was reported in most national dailies to have perfected plans to pick up a handful of state governors who they have investigated for sundry 'corrupt practices', just after their immunity would have elapsed last May 29.

There were, the reports said, about 15 governors on EFCC's watch list, including a handful of their accomplice-commissioners.

It was a startling revelation to corruption-fatigued Nigerians who have been wondering whither the government's anti-corruption pretensions. The thinking had been that Farida Waziri, the chairman of EFCC, had finally decided to 'do something' concrete concerning the task before her.

The report was even more significant for suggesting that President Goodluck Jonathan may after all be up to the bill in tackling this singular most antidevelopment cancer that has virtually stunted both the nation and citizens' socio-economic growth.

But that is as far as EFCC's activist confrontation with the alleged corrupt high and mighty has gone so far. Since the swearing in of the new governors and loss of the immunity their predecessors used to enjoy, not one of the alleged treasury looters is in EFCC's net or is even being quizzed.

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