Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dawn of the Jonathan Presidency

31 May 2011

Dawn of the Jonathan Presidency
By Rotimi Fasan
IN an ethnically-alert Nigeria, the people of the Niger-Delta, particularly Bayelsa, must feel proud of the achievement of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who was three days ago sworn in as Nigeria’s 13th president.

Jonathan is not particularly new to the Aso Villa residence of the Head of State; he has been the occupant of the place for many months now since the death of former President Umar Yar’Adua and he emerged the winner of a seat some had schemed to hold on to even after the then occupant had all but ceased to function in the capacity of President.

The difference between the Jonathan presidency now and when he took over to complete Yar’Adua’s term is that he is, to the extent he permits himself, now his own man. Although no person can truthfully/entirely be their own wo/man in the give-and-take world of politics, but there is a sense in which the case of Jonathan had to be understood when one speaks in such terms.

Having become President in circumstances that came straight out of a fairytale, relatively unprepared and thus dependent on others to learn the ropes of his new position, President Jonathan has had to rely on the crutch provided by others to find his way.

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