Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boko Haram: Two girls killed in fresh Nigeria blast

27 June 2011

(AFP) Two girls were killed and three customs officers seriously wounded in a fresh blast on Monday in Nigeria's troubled northern city of Maiduguri, an army general said. "Three customs officers were seriously injured in the attack while two child vendors -- both of them girls -- were killed in the blast," the commander of the city's joint task force, general Jack Okechukwu Nwobo, told AFP.

Residents and witnesses put the death toll at about a dozen, however.

"I was about 100 metres from the customs bridge roundabout when the blast happened. It was a crowded area. I saw two vans conveying the dead. From my estimation, not less than 10 people were killed in the blast," a resident near the scene, Sheu Abdulkadir, told AFP.

A local journalist said he saw several dead bodies on the ground after the blast.

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